Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Only my daughter

Only my daughter would lose her panties at school. I am on the phone last night when Ashleigh says, "Mom I have something to tell you that's true". She then proceeds to tell me she lost her panties at school. I automatically check to make sure she has some on imagining she went all day without any. She did have panties on since she used her spare ones in her backpack. Yhew! She apparently lost them while changing for swimming. Only my daughter.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Layouts - I got your layouts

So, I have been busy today. I have been working toward finishing all my journaling for unfinished pages so I can get pages done and in the book. Well, after working on it various Sundays for a month below is the result. Some of the pics are blurry and I am sorry. If you want to read journaling or see it better well you will just have to come to my house and check it out in the book. I was surprised how almost all of these are for 2006. A couple still need a little tweaking but for the most part are done. Enjoy!!!!


Edward, Mom and Me. I just love the photo so much.

Chick fil A

One of the best nights ever. I goofed and put two of the same pic on here but I don't really care.

Summer Fun

Breakfast with Cinderella

I have some disney stickers somewhere that I bought for this. I am going to find them and see if they will add anything. Then again, I may just leave it as is


I am going to either hand cut a star or find a die cut to put on the left under the title. Needs a little something.

Ice Show

Best buds


Pumpkin Carving

I think I might cut out some more halloween shapes and put them under the journaling and pic on the right.

Pumpkin Patch

Easter Egg Hunt

I was not crazy about this one until I put the title on it. Now I love it.


This needs a title or more flowers. The space above the journaling is bugging me.

Retreat 2006

Musician in the making