Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trip to Louisiana

I spent the week of July 4th down home visiting with family. Ashleigh and I got to see everyone and had a good time. Ashleigh stayed with mom and John so mom can teach her how to quilt while I can back home. Last I heard, they have been making good progress and I have a feeling Ashleigh will be hooked on quilting. I can't really blame her :)

I will say that not having Ashleigh around this weekend has been different. She has gone on sleepovers before but to wake up and know she will not be home has been bizarre. Having that third person in the house does add some noise and I find myself thinking it is too quiet. I am sure that once I get used to it, she will be back. I miss her but know she is having the time of her life making memories that will last forever.
I did not get my camera out enough but here are a few pictures.
Loree Leigh