Sunday, October 18, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

So we had Ashleigh's parent teacher conference this past week. I have not been posting lately due to work but I did want to share. Her teacher said Ashleigh was reading above her level. She jumped a level over the summer which is uncommon. I guess those trips to Borders to spend her savings on a book have really helped her stay interested in reading. We will continue to encourage her since I firmly believe reading is the pathway to success.

Her teacher also mentioned Ashleigh has a healthy self concept (I guess that is their buzz word), self confidence and self esteem. I could have told her that. I would rather that than a terribly shy introvert child like David and I were. She has plenty of friends which I think is good for her.

Her only issue is that Ashleigh does not get her work done timely. She gets distracted and frequently has to finish work up later. I know Ashleigh HATES to write so that slows her down.

All in all I think Ashleigh is doing great in second grade and will continue to thrive!

Autumn idea

I saw this on the Spellbinders blog. I just love how they use these dies to create such wonderful designs. I liked this especially since it is Pumpkin Patch time of the year!

I know this is a card but I like to use cards as inspritation for accents on my layouts. Check it out.