Saturday, March 29, 2008


Ashleigh has been on this kick about secrets. She and David walked home from school on Thursday. They usually stop at the park to play for a bit. Ashleigh was on the swings and the other children left. She turns to David telling him she is glad they are gone. Now they can talk where no one will hear them. She spends the next 5 minutes lecturing David on keeping the secret from Tabbie and me. However, she never told David the secret!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Sweet

We had the pleasure of attending an Easter Egg Dying party at Grace's house. After we made a mess with the eggs, we all trooped outside to hunt plastic eggs. Emily took this picture of Ashleigh while we were outside. I love this picture on soooooo many levels.

Out of Ashleigh's mouth

So, you know how I am telling Ashleigh when she can drive, get married, etc.....

Well, last night Ashleigh and I were talking and she asked me when she could get her own phone. I told her 16. She said ok and was quiet for a minute. Then she says, "Mom, when I get married at 30 I will leave the phone at home." I tried to supress a laugh but did not do a good job. I mean, is she not the cutiest thing alive????

Better picture of her missing teeth

Thank you Emily for the better picture of Ashleigh's missing teeth. Ashleigh was showing me how the top two middle ones are wiggling now. I bet we get another visit from the tooth fairy before you know it!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another tooth gone!

My baby is growing up way way to fast. She lost another tooth last Tuesday night at 1am. I guess that technically was Wednesday but all that really matters is she lost another tooth. This picture was from Easter and it is the only one where her missing teeth show in her smile. For all the others she closed her mouth when she smiled. My sweet little girl...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So, I get home last night and David proceeds to tell me he found this book at Borders called What's the Big Secret - talking about sex with girls and boys. He then lets me know that he and Ashleigh read the whole book. All I can say is goodness.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pipe Cleaners?

I have not posted any inspiration in a few days. Today's calendar idea caught my interest. They used pipe cleaners on the layout. I am not sure if I would do that but it would be cool to put rub-ons or buttons on the squares. I like the layout colors as well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love my life

One reason is my friends. I have the best friends in the world. One friend in particular is turning 30 tomorrow March 19th. I thought I might surprise her this morning with some decorations in her cubicle. See the pics below.

So Diane, Happy Birthday from Loree, Li and Julie. We love you man!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Since today is such a beautiful day, Ashleigh went in the backyard to play. The first time I checked on her she was on the swings. The second time I checked on her she had pulled the cover off the sandbox and was sitting in the sand. The third time I checked on her I found this.

"Mommy, look I am a crab."
"Yes baby, you do look like a crab under the sandbox cover. You looked trapped."
"No mom, I am fine. Take a picture."
So I did as told by my darling daughter who is so used to me documenting her life she patiently waits until I am done to tell me, "Now go back inside. I have stuff to do."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things I love about...

I was reading the latest CK magazine and there was an article about scrapping the things you love. I thought back to a page I did about Ashleigh and the things I love about her. I really should also do a page of the things I love about David. Here are a few of the reasons below.

  • He makes me laugh AND he laughs at my nutty jokes
  • He entertains Ashleigh while I go cropping or to retreats
  • He does not flinch when I pass gas (unless it is super stinky)
  • He will help me with the laundry when I ask
  • He cooks and cooks well
  • He accepts my profession and the challenges it brings
  • He loves our daughter tremendously
  • He cleans out the litter box
  • He does not give me grief over my taping of reality shows (The Biggest Loser, Project Runway, etc)
  • He is patient
  • He encourages my scrapbooking our life by taking photos without me needing to ask

There are many more but this is a good start.

What do you love about your husband, kids, family or friends?

Scrap Brat

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Strips as background

This is super cool. They used ribbon, paper and fabric to create strips for the background. I love it. They even used foam to give it texture. I am not ding that but like the look of it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

QK Revolution

Sad, sad day. I was letting Ashleigh make a get well card and she popped a screw off the platform. It still works and I will keep it until it totally dies. Note to self, when I do eventually get a new one don't let Ashleigh use it. For a few minutes I was upset, but then I let it go because she was enjoying herself too much. Besides, she may have it for years. You just never know.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ashleigh lost her tooth!

It finally happened. Ashleigh lost her first tooth. Then she literally lost the tooth at school. She thinks it might be in her locker but we shall see. Of course, she looks completely different now. I told her the tooth fairy will understand if we wait a couple of days to put it under her pillow. If she can't find it, we will leave the tooth fairy a note. At least now it is not hurting her as much. One tooth down, lots more to go!

Snow Picture

I must give props where they are due, my husband told me to take this picture. I love how it turned out.

Ashleigh was beyond excited to be able to play in the snow. She and her daddy built snowmen, threw snowballs and had a darn tootin time. All the playing in the snow wore Ashleigh plum out!


So I am laying in bed last night with my mind racing thinking of all the endless possibilities for pages. I then got this idea to do a page on my doodling. Not the cute, scrapbook kind of doodling but here I am in a meeting and bored out of my mind doodling. I think the next time I am in that meeting, I will just put my doodling on a layout. That way, my small art talents (and I do mean small) will be on display for my grandkids to laugh at.

Unconditional Love

So last night I told Ashleigh she could fall asleep in my bed. Then her daddy would move her to her bed later. Well, we all ended up in the bed around 9pm ready for some shut eye. So, I turn off the lamp and Ashleigh adjusts. I feel her place her head on my shoulder. Before long, I hear her deep breathing indicating she is asleep. I laid there thinking how it was true that children have unconditional love for their parents. I was grateful that there was so much love in our family and house. I thought about how it was sweet for her to lay her head on my shoulder. After a bit of musing on my part, I roll onto my side and realize that the back of her head was on my shoulder. Yeah well, so much for that!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I got your number

While Ashleigh and I were in Ruston, Louisiana for my brothers wedding, we were sitting in the hotel and she wanted to do something she shouldn't. I can't remember what exactly but I said, "Ashleigh, I know what you are up to missy. I have your number." She says with a straight face, "Mom I don't have a number." I thought they did not get the smart mouth until they were teenagers. Guess I have to consider who her mother is!!!!


I had a dream last night where I was sitting at my computer typing journaling for a layout. That is when you know you got the scrapbook bug bad!!

I have the autumn leaves daily calendar at work and they warped their journaling in word. Basically, they made it wavy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I found this on Quickutz website (project #8122). I just love the flowers. I think it would also be cute to cut the flowers from fabric. You would probably lose a lot of detail. I know the revolution has those big flowers and cutting them from fabric would totally rock!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I am bad

So, I have been working on brain washing Ashleigh with the following:

18 yr old - when she can drive
21 yr old - when she gets her first car
25 yr old - when she can date
30 yr old - when she can get married

I have also been telling her she will know everything like her mommy when she turns 30. I am pretty sure that at some point in the next few years, if not sooner, she will figure out I am full of it.

Until then, I will keep wishing no one tells her any different.

Scrap Brat


I really like the look of ruffled ribbon. They stapled it instead of sewing. Good idea.


Who knew this would be so stinking cute. I love tags, always have. With the revolution, this would be so easy. They laid them down facing each other to create a border. Love it! They stamped and water colored theirs. I am not that talented so I would most likely just use patterned paper.


I am positive this would take me hours to do, but it would look so awesome. They hand sewed the beads on. Super neat! I bet it would look really cool in a heart shape.


Cute idea with metal rimmed tags. Cut out the circle from cardstock. Put double sided tape and attach ribbons to cardstock. Trim the edges and put metal rim on. It looks really cool and a good way to showcase several different ribbons. I love my MM tag maker and plan on using this idea!


Now I just have to figure out how to add the slideshow as a page element