Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dazed and confused

Dazed and confused, that is what I was when David called to tell me Ashleigh got to ride in a limo today. Not only did she get to ride in a limo, she had lunch at Cici's pizza. Apparently during the throes of busy season I signed a permission slip for her to ride in the limo and have pizza. Unfortunately, I did not remember doing so until David let me know that was her prize for selling a lot of cookie dough. I then vaguely recall signing said slip and the astonishment of my action set in. I am the worst mom. Seriously. I can't remember something like that! All I can say is that I am terribly grateful to have my job at EFO where I am dazed and confused less weeks than if I was at KBA (what is my deal with acronym employers anyway?).

She had so much fun during her "limbo" ride and wants to travel that way from now on. Who wouldn't? I am glad she had such a wonderful time. She will treasure that memory for quite a while.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ashleigh and Grace

I had no intention of using this paper. When I pulled out my page planner, the paper in the sleeve did not scream to me. I had the rub ons picked out already and when I overlaid them on the paper knew I had a winner. Sometimes thing happen so easily. I used the same bling paper as on Ashleigh's hairdo page. Since these pictures were taken around the same time I figured they would make a good two pager.

So I just rubbed my circle rub ons directly onto the patterned paper. For the swirls, I cut them into individual words so I could manipulate them. I had no rhyme or reason but think they turned out pretty good. I still need a title. I bought this make your own rub on stuff a while ago and think I will try it out. Now I just need to find it!

The rub ons say things like best friends, best buds, etc etc.

Ashleigh's new hairdo

Last July we chopped Ashleigh's hair off. I did this layout on Sunday. I really had no idea of what I wanted to do and it just evolved. I used a template to draw and cut out the arrows.

I like how the words on the arrow ended up adding to the title with the way it got laid out. I used bazzill bling paper in green and pink. Too cute.

I still need to do my journaling.

Playing outside layout

This is the first of 50! It felt good to create a layout. I know I should be working on the brag book of Andrew for mom (I promise I am going to get to it soon!) but since I don't have enough pictures I figured I would work on other things.

When Ashleigh and I went to Ruston for Cassie and Edward's wedding in February, we took the kids outside to play with the motorized Jeep. I got some good shots of Ashleigh and Alex having a good time.

I used old old bazzill buttons and distressed them to match the paper. I have had the journaling stamps for a while and thought this would be a good page for them. I used my handwriting which is uncommon for me.

I like how it turned out. Definitely not too girly.

This past weekend

Well, I managed to have a wonderful anniversary and birthday. I was able to get some scrapbooking done as well and spend a fantastic evening with my husband. Who could ask for more? Seriously, I am one of the luckiest 35 year old in the world. I have the best family and friends. I have a job I love. To top it all off, I only had to spend 15 minutes at the DMV getting my drivers license renewed!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blog of the Weaver clan

Cassie started a blog of the family. Check out the site!!

I challenge my fellow scrappers!

I am going to give myself a challenge. I am going to scrap 50 pages before I buy another piece of paper, ribbon, embellishments.... Man o man, what a challenge. I think I can totally do it. I have so much paper it would be great to use it. Now that busy season is over, I have time to indulge myself in scrapping bliss. I will not only keep you posted, but I will share the fruits of my labor. I think I am going to go into my scrap area and get started!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Growing Up

I was taking a good look at Ashleigh the other night. She looks so grown up to me. Her face has thinned so she looks more like a typical school kid. With her losing teeth and growing her hair out, it just makes her look older. Even pictures from six months ago shock me since she looks so different. Granted, I would not change a thing. She will always and forever be my baby girl! I take joy and pride in how much she has learned (reading and writing) but sometimes, for a brief instant, wish I had my little baby.

Easy to entertain

So I am sitting on the couch, checking my email and smiling. Lately I have been pretty quick to laugh. It probably has a lot to do with me working hard to meet my 10/15 tax deadline. Today I am especially tired since I worked a solid 9 hours. So while I sit here typing away, my daughter is crawling under the lap quilts yelling for help and for the quilts to let her go. Who could not smile at such a scene. I find comfort in the fact that I am not the only person in this family who is easily entertained. My friends often tell me how she looks like David yet acts like me. I can live with that!