Monday, July 28, 2008

We are a Brownie!

Sunday we finally got to bridge from a daisy girl scout to a brownie. I am so glad we got through the ceremony. Here are a few pics. The ones where she is prettying herself up are before. The one of her holding the doll is after.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Too cute

Okay, I actually think it is adorable but then again I am prejudiced since I made it. I was feeling the itch to make something and needed a card for Ariane's baby shower gift. Since David and Ashleigh were sleeping I got to work. I looked online at the QK gallery and did not find anything that said gotta make it. I then looked through my shapes and saw the monkey and it hit me "Wham". What you see is the result using Bazzill Places We Go paper, Quickutz Calvin font, nesting circles and the exclusive monkey die. I love the way it turned out and Ariane can pull the monkey off and use it as a page element. Love it!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Doing Good

An update for everyone, both Aidan and Bill are doing good after their surgeries. Aidan is back to his busy self after only 3 days. Bill is still in the hospital. However, the surgery went really well. Bill has his sense of humor so I feel confident he will come through with flying colors.

We are also doing better in our house. David and I are grateful for all the prayers and good thoughts. We are relieved the surgeries are done and everyone is okay.

Love ya
Scrap Addict

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Heavy Heart

These past few days have been pretty tough. We found out Friday that Bill (David's dad) will have surgery to remove his voice box. Saturday morning while Ashleigh and I were at the water park, Bill called to talk to Ashleigh. He wanted to tell her he loved her one last time before he lost his voice. When David told me this, I almost started to cry. Truth be told, I have been crying when I think about it too much.

We had told Ashleigh that Grandad was sick. Now we needed to explain why he was going to lose his voice. We talked about how smoking caused his cancer. I am not sure she completely got it but she did understand that Grandad will not be talking in the same way anymore. It broke my heart to listen to Grandad talk to Ashleigh on the phone.

I know the next months will be pretty tough. I find that today I am feeling pretty down. I am hopeful that once they remove his voice box and lymph nodes we can move to the next phase. I know radiation and chemo will be extremely difficult for Bill. I am hoping for the best since I am not ready to lose Bill just yet.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So I have been reading a Papercrafts magazine (from I don't know when) with the focus of color. They are showing all types of color combinations, etc. It got me to thinking, wouldn't it be cool to do a page of black squares which are embossed with various designs. The paper would be white core so I could sand the embossing and the white would show through. With as many embossing dies I have in Quickutz I would have many possibilities.

I also considered doing a monocramatic one in red or blue. I think it would be interesting to try.

The magazine has inspired me which I love. Now, to find the time to try it out and the pictures to use........

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funky Circles

I tend to be a scrapper who likes perfect circles. However, I think I am going to try and scrap outside the line by trying this layout. I like it and really love the one circle covered in buttons.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coco & Tabbie Update

So Tabbie is still hissing and growling. However, it seems it is less frequent. Also, she does not seem to be biting as much. David and I can't figure out if Coco is following Tabbie around to play or be nice. Either way, it feels like deja vu from when we brought Tabbie home to Little Cat's displeasure. David and I are enjoying both cats and giving both lots of love.

New Old Layouts

Above are two layouts which I had talked about adding a little something to. I like the way they turned out! Two down, lots to go!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A couple of pictures from my vacation

Introducing Coco Chanel

I would like to introduce you to Coco Chanel. I would like to start off by saying I did not name this kitty. She was found my a friend's mom in Baton Rouge and they christened her Coco. She is an abyssinian cat who is mostly black with a touch of brown fur and gold eyes. She is a sweet, playful, loving, energetic kitty (who we guess is about six months old). After being in our house for approximately 5 hours, she had already made herself at home as evidenced by her lounging in my bed. She has quickly won our hearts and we are thankful we were able to get her. Everyone except Tabbie!

A link with more information about the breed.


Yeah, I am back from my vacation. I must say that it was one of the best. I drove down this past Saturday and spent the night with my mom. The next morning, we had Ashleigh's family birthday party. Ashleigh and I then went to mom's. We went to Lafayette on Monday to pick up our new family member, Coco. Tuesday was waterpark day. Wednesday was shopping in Lake Charles. I got to go to Woven Heart which is an awesome scrapbook store. Then Thursday was another burn adventure at the waterpark. Friday, Ashleigh, Coco and I came home. Whew! We did a lot of playing and plenty of resting. All in all, it was a lovely time in the Bayou State. I will have to say the first couple of days the humidity was almost unbearable, but either I got used to it or it got better. By the time we left, Ashleigh was ready to go home to her own bed. She kept asking me, "Are we in Lewisville yet?" during the drive home. It was nice seeing the Dallas skyline and being able to answer "almost baby."