Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things I love about...

I was reading the latest CK magazine and there was an article about scrapping the things you love. I thought back to a page I did about Ashleigh and the things I love about her. I really should also do a page of the things I love about David. Here are a few of the reasons below.

  • He makes me laugh AND he laughs at my nutty jokes
  • He entertains Ashleigh while I go cropping or to retreats
  • He does not flinch when I pass gas (unless it is super stinky)
  • He will help me with the laundry when I ask
  • He cooks and cooks well
  • He accepts my profession and the challenges it brings
  • He loves our daughter tremendously
  • He cleans out the litter box
  • He does not give me grief over my taping of reality shows (The Biggest Loser, Project Runway, etc)
  • He is patient
  • He encourages my scrapbooking our life by taking photos without me needing to ask

There are many more but this is a good start.

What do you love about your husband, kids, family or friends?

Scrap Brat

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