Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh the pain

I needed to do it. For months now I knew Ashleigh's room needed a deep cleaning. So I ended up spending 5 1/2 hours cleaning up Ashleigh's room this weekend. She was a big help in pulling every last toy, sticker, crayon, stuffed animal and random toy out of her room. She was very cooperative about picking those toys she wanted to keep and those she wanted to let go of. We also moved her bed and rearranged to give her more room. It is amazing what a difference it made. It was a relatively painless process.

The pain came in after all the walking, bending and sweating. This morning every thing from my lower back to my toes hurts. I am pretty sure I am going to whine about it all day or at least until the alleve kicks in.

However, seeing her joy while playing in her room yesterday afternoon is worth every ache.

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