Sunday, March 29, 2009

MS Walk

I DID IT!! The day started off with me dragging myself out of bed at 5:30am. Yep, you read that right 5:30am. Then I put on layers of clothes since it is 40 degrees outside with the wind chill making it feel like 30. Yep, 30 degrees. Then I drove down to Addison circle, found parking and made my way to our team tent. We then lined up, went through some opening ceremonies, and started to walk. Nancy and Ambry walked with me with the rest of the team a little ahead of us. It was an amazing experience. The walk reminded me how blessed my life is. I never thought I would do something like this. It was inspiring to see so many people gather to help fight a disease. I am glad I told Linda I would walk with her and I feel great after accomplishing one of my goals for 2009 and look forward to my next one!!

Our Team raised $5,910 thanks to the generosity of all our friends and family!!! Go EFO Girls Gone Wild!! Pics below

Linda and I

Debbie, Linda and I

David and I

Nancy and I

Me walking

Almost done!!

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