Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I have been thinking....

I have been thinking that I need to add more about me in the scrapbooks. For that matter, I need to add more about David as well. Little things Ashleigh's kids might like to know when they are older. Here is a list of tidbits about me.

  1. I hate doing housework. Definitely.

  2. I am addicted to Crystal Light.

  3. I love cheese. Any kind anywhere

  4. I hated my curly hair until I got out of high school. I always wanted straight long blond hair.

  5. I have had more embarrassing incidents at work than any human should have to endure

  6. I was a Girl Scout from 2nd grade through high school

  7. My first car was a hand me down Honda Civic Hatchback - Red, which I backed into more objects than I can count on my hands

  8. If couch lounging was an Olympic sport, I would win a Gold many times over

  9. I love off the beaten path chick flicks. Heck, I love just about any chick flick.

  10. I did not start to wear make-up until I was 18

  11. I knew I wanted to study accounting as a junior in high school

  12. I went through sorority rush on crutches having had knee surgery a month before

  13. My vocabulary and spelling are atrocious because I missed several years of English during junior high to attend gifted student classes (SPARK). Thank heavens for spell check!

  14. My mom would send me to spend two to three weeks with my grandmother in Belzoni, Mississippi during the summers when I was younger. Grandmother would take me to the cable office and I loved running the cash register.

  15. I distinctly remember having dinner with my family (Mom, John & Edward)and laughing until my sides hurt. We sure did have fun picking on each other. Shoot, we still do it today!

Hope you learned somtething about me today!


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