Thursday, August 28, 2008


I know it has been too long since I posted anything. I have been in a bit of a doldrums. I have found out recently that I have an under active thyroid (hypo) and it could be part of my energy level issues. I have been on medication for a month and it really seems to be helping. Work has gotten very busy but I still find it to be relaxed compared to public accounting. David and Ashleigh both started school this past week so we are getting out of our summer randomness into a schedule.

Speaking of school, I have been pondering over Ashleigh's Kindergarten first day pics. I want to do a layout with a school feel but softer since she was in this beautiful pink dress. I think I might cut out letters of various sizes and fonts in a soft red or blue. I think I will make a random border to give it the feel but not over the top. I might even just stamp the letters in white on a soft red cardstock. I probably should get started since I have this years first day of school to do now.

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