Thursday, January 8, 2009

New year, new resolutions

A new year, a new set of resolutions. Kinda interesting to me how they are pretty darn similar to last year. I did lose some weight in 2008. Not as much as I wanted but I am proud that it was the first year since 2001 I did not gain weight over the year. So for 2009, I am going to keep that goal in mind when setting this next one.

My goal for 2009 is to run/jog/walk the Turkey Trot through downtown Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. Ambry (my trainer) is going to participate with me and we are going to train for the walk. I hate hate hate running/jogging but I thought maybe if I pushed myself out of my box it would help. Ambry is enthusiastic and several friends have agreed to do it with me. I am grateful for my support system of friends and family who truly care and love me!

So to warm up for the BIG event, I have committed to walk the Multiple Sclerosis Walk in Addison on March 28th. Ambry and I start training on January 18th (after I get back from vacation). I am ready to get jogging. I have managed to convince several co-workers to do it with me. One of my co-workers has this horrible disease and I am awed by her attitude of not letting it win. The least I can do is raise a few dollars to help with research for a cure.

So the next time you try to call me or email me or IM me, I am probably jogging or walking asking myself what the heck was I thinking but cherishing my good luck to have a body that works. Take care!!

Loree Leigh

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