Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daycare Holiday Show

Ashleigh has been taking guitar lessons since September. She has done so well and learned so quickly. Her instructor, Philipe, says she is a joy to teach. Well, at Ashleigh's daycare the Children's Courtyard they do seasonal shows with the holiday show last night. On Tuesday Ashleigh decided she wanted to participate. Philipe was game and came up just for the show to play with Ashleigh. They performed Overboard by Justin Bieber. They decided that Ashleigh should just sing since she did not quite have down the sign and play thing yet. Two of Ashleigh's friends danced behind them which was just distracting to the crowd. However, Ashleigh did not stop or get flustered when the kids laughed at Haley and Krissy. I can not even express how proud of Ashleigh I am. Just this past summer she would not sing at Girl Scout day camp. They almost called me to get her she was crying so much. For her to do this and do so well is amazing to me. I am in awe of my little girl :)

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