Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Scrap Pack

I thought about the Scrap Pack layout in the shower. I get to work and there is an email from Jenn with the same thought. I am going to turn the journaling so I can get them on a 12x12 layout. I bet with a little practice I can work it out. I might even hand journal around the photo to save space if I need it. Now for the details on the pack.

  • i love how she can come up with catch phrases that have us laughing for months
  • i love how she does her santa pages (boot, coat, etc) even though she is not a fan of christmas
  • i love how she will see a layout in a magazine and adapt to her pics


  • i love how she mixes her colors on her layouts. i would not think of those combos
  • i love how she alters her die cuts to add texture or flavor
  • i love how she accepts her style and makes no excuses


  • i love how she listens to my crazy talk about ideas or layouts and then offers her own inspiration
  • i love how she is willing to take pictures of all of our kids for the scrapbook
  • i love how she works with what she has to make it work


  • i love how she makes layouts for both connor's and avery's books
  • i love how she scrapbooks with connor when he shows interest
  • i love how she works hard to get all her backlogged pages done

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